Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Matt McCall announces RINO hunting expedition 9/21 & 28

Matt McCall announced the first block-walking event of his primary race against the awful Lamar Smith; from the event's Facebook page:
We will be meeting early morning September 21 in the Alamo Heights area. We need to really focus on Alamo Heights because that is Lamar Smith's strong hold.

Chase Mitchell will be providing walk-list and assigning them. Matt will provide a training and script to be used for this walk. The software being used is the same one Ted Cruz used in his election last year.

We will be walking from 9 to around 1. We will have another round of walking in the evening of the 21st.
Last night, Matt McCall told Cahnman's Musings exclusively that he would knock on Joe Straus' door if we show up; that, by itself, is worth the trip to San Antonio!

To learn more about Matt McCall, check out his campaign website here.

To get the full picture of how Lamar Smith's awfulness, click here.

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