Monday, August 19, 2013

Representative Jonathan Stickland on Leadership's "Psychological Breakdown."

Representative Jonathan Stickland recently gave a fascinating talk at the N.E. Tarrant Tea Party about the lobby's highly advanced techniques for breaking conservative members down; this video is a must watch for anyone who wants to change state government:

  • The lobbyists start calling you right after primary day.
  • At the GOP convention, they start to physically separate you from the folks who elected you.
    • Start inviting you to exclusive parties.
    • An atmosphere of 'you're different now.'
  • Being a state rep is 'psychologically different'; you can't prepare for the experience until you've lived it.
    • Instantly invited to more dinners and parties than you could possibly attend.
  • "The whole first month and a half is designed to suck you in; then you start dealing with legislation and that's when you REALLY meet the lobbyists." [Emphasis Ours]
  • Leadership brings you in to negotiate by yourself; the process is designed to isolate.

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