Thursday, August 29, 2013

San Antonio: Recall Campaigns Commence....

Via the Recall Mayor Julian Castro Facebook page:

From the event description:
Block walk to Recall Diego Bernal and to Obtain statement of opposition signatures.
Tri-Point Parking lot @ US281
Aug 30,2013 (Sat) 9am meet!
We will be block walking to collect signatures on a petition to recall and remove Diego Bernal from City Council, and to go across SA to obtain signatures on statements of opposition to the "Non Discriminatory" ordinance .
This is bubbling up from the grassroots, which is extremely encouraging; to our knowledge, no statewide groups have discussed recalls yet.

 In other San Antonio Christian persecution ordinance news, there's an extremely one-sided write up of yesterday's city council hearing here.


Update: San Antonio resident Wayne Allard chimes in:
Left unclear was which problem such a draconian measure would solve. Long before the current controversy, the homosexual-rights blog stated that San Antonio already had the “highest percentage of gay and lesbian parents in the U.S.” If discrimination actually existed in San Antonio, then where was it?


The Chan lynching may have been just another skirmish in “Battleground Texas,” the well-heeled Democratic campaign to turn Texas from red to blue. Its strategic objective: building a permanent Democratic edge in presidential elections. However, skirmishes and battlegrounds can be unpredictable for Democrats and even for Texas Republicans, famous for exchanging greetings by asking, “What country club do y’all belong to?” Will Democratic overreach on issues like the nondiscrimination ordinance or the recent political fistfight over abortion spawn grass-roots opposition? Can stodgy Republican local parties close the deal with new voters finally in a mood to listen?

The high ground in Texas and maybe elsewhere is not gay versus straight or even sin versus grace. Instead, it involves a fundamental constitutional question: Have our basic civil liberties been eclipsed by social experiments with newer alternatives?

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