Friday, August 2, 2013

Texas Politics Over the Next Few Months

There are several events in Texas that are either ongoing or coming up quickly; keep them in mind:
  • Current Special Session (Until August 28) - The Texas Legislature is currently in session with Transportation funding the only item on the agenda.  Multiple well-informed sources have told us they doubt Governor Perry will add anything to the call, but since we're talking about Rick Perry one never knows.  Since legislators obviously haven't learned their lesson, the objective on Transportation funding remains to deny House Republican leadership the 100 votes they need to pass this boondoggle.
  • Voter Ratification of SJR 1 (Nov. 5; Early Voting - Oct. 21 - 31) - The water boondoggle passed during the general session still needs voter approval; just say no.
 This is a partial list, and other events will pop up, but keep these three on your radar screen at all times.

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