Monday, August 5, 2013

Travis County Taxpayers Union announces August 13th Moneybomb!!!

The ongoing saga of the Austin ISD lawsuit continues:
If we can take this case to the third Court of Appeal, we can win. The law is on our side. If we win we will, at a minimum, save taxpayers $500 million; this lawsuit, however, could restrict financial shenanigans that local governments can pull across the state of Texas.

Unfortunately, lawyers cost money; we need to raise $6000 to keep our guy out of the poorhouse as the appeal works through the system.

Normally, in politics, you need large sums of money to make things happen. Not this time. This $6000 investment on the front end could save taxpayers in Austin Hundreds of Millions of Dollars and (in a best case scenario) could save BILLIONS across the state.
 Pledge your support here.

Join the Facebook event here.

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