Tuesday, August 6, 2013

On Abortion Barbie

This afternoon, amidst the discussion that Wendy Davis doesn't "know what happened" about Kermit Gosnell, Erick Erickson of RedState made the following tweet:

This set off the predictable Twitter kerfuffle.

Then Joan Walsh of Salon chimed in:
Erick Erickson is the insecure frat-boy id of the Republican Party. Oh, sure, party leaders wring their hands about their problem with women voters, but deep down, we’re all “Abortion Barbie” to a whole lot of them. Only Erickson is creepy enough to say so.
Followed by ThinkProgress:
Conservative commentator Erick Erickson referred to Texas Sen. Wendy Davis (D) as an “Abortion Barbie” in a tweet on Tuesday afternoon, sparking outrage over the sexist implications of linking the female lawmaker with the famous Mattel product.
According to MediaMatters:
Erickson has a history of inflammatory comments, including directing liberals to a coat hanger sales site after a restrictive Texas abortion bill passed, later responding to criticism by offering his "Sincere Apologies to the Kid Killing caucus." Erickson defended Republican Missouri Rep. Todd Akin after he claimed it was "really rare" for victims of "legitimate rape" to become pregnant and called the opening of the 2012 Democratic National Convention the "First night of the Vagina Monologues."
Cahnman's Musings commends Erickson for developing the perfect nickname for Wendy Davis.

Abortion Barbie comes with Pink Sneakers and Tampon; catheter sold separately....

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  1. Barbie's limbs are ripped off much like an abortion. Wendy's mom decided against that.


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