Thursday, August 22, 2013

#Stand4Life During #SXSW

SXSW Interactive has proposed a panel about social media during Texas' recent abortion debate.  This could be an awesome event that draws from both sides.  For this to go down, however, you need to click through the link and vote for the thumb's up button on the top left corner.

The Unruly Mob Would Like to Comment

When the Texas Legislature took up abortion legislation, planned and spontaneous social media filled the Capitol with thousands of activists and delivered a global participatory audience. Celebrities tweeted as an 11-hour filibuster approached a midnight deadline, joined by fake Twitter accounts, YouTube, viral memes, livestreaming, guerrilla wifi hotspots, Taiwan animation, secret Facebook groups, Google+ Hangouts, new songs, merchandise, competing Wikipedia edits, dueling commentators, inappropriate touching, women in chains, alleged terrorist sightings, tampon confiscation, Hail Satan chanting, attempted use of a smartphone as an official timepiece, humorous Amazon product reviews for the filibuster shoes, conflicting timestamps, suffragettes, pizza, and vomit. The Internet had it all. Did it make a difference? Hear battle-tested techniques you can use from those in opposing trenches and in between.

  • Dewhurst's tweet "ignited the opposition."
  • #STAND4LIFE got bigger than Dewhurst's staff anticipated.
  • "Use Twitter to push people to other platforms."
To see this panel, you first need to click through this link, then follow the instructions.

Again, click here.

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