Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Travis County Taxpayers Union Moneybomb Today; Matching grant for first $2000 raised!!!

Well, today is the day!

The money bomb for the Austin ISD lawsuit we've discussed previously is going on right now.  In addition, the Travis County Taxpayers Union announced this morning that we've received a matching grant for the first $2000 raised.  That means that for every dollar YOU donate, TCTU will receive two.

If successful, this lawsuit will save Austin taxpayers half a Billion dollars; in addition, if this case goes to the Texas Supreme Court, it could establish a precedent that would restrain financial shenanigans from Taxing entities across the state of Texas.

As we wrote in June:
Cahnman's Musings has never asked readers for money before, but this is a special circumstance where your small contribution could make an outsized impact

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