Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Why does Texas "Freedom" Network silence Women?!?

Yesterday, in response to Women on the Wall's CSCOPE press conference, the Texas "Freedom" Network posted the following nasty hit piece:
The Austin-based news website Quorum Report (subscription required) today notes that the entity that helped organize Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst’s Monday press conference attacking the CSCOPE curriculum management system is a for-profit, “Tea-Party-for-hire group” that goes by the name Voices Empower. Run by North Texas political activist Alice Linahan, Voices Empower specializes in marketing and political consulting. 
But where is the transparency when it comes to CSCOPE’s critics? Who, for example, is paying Voices Empower to go after CSCOPE (and Ratliff)? Linahan calls the debate over CSCOPE “a battle for the hearts and minds of our children.” But we think it’s a fair question now to ask: did she help manufacture this absurd “controversy” because she was concerned for “the hearts and minds of our children” or for profit?
These questions are important. After all, killing CSCOPE could force school districts to spend considerably more money on similar products provided by for-profit companies. The taxpayers in those districts have a right to know who’s causing that to happen and why.
This is silly.  Alice Linahan, a friend, is a politically engaged Texas mom.  She has only helped channel the grassroots discontent that emerged last year in a productive direction.

Cahnman's Musings doesn't know the details of Voices Empower's finances, but those details aren't relevant.  We've been to enough of their events over the past two years to know they operate on a shoestring budget.  The notion the Alice is the one who's profiteering (as opposed to the CSCOPE Bureaucrats) doesn't pass the smell test.

It appears the Texas "Freedom" Network would rather silence a woman's voice than address the concerns of Moms and Dads across the state of Texas.

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  1. Texas Freedom Network is a small petri dish sample of what is indescribably wrong with American. Lord help us!


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