Friday, August 23, 2013

Ted Cruz...studmuffin?!?

Buried near the end of this recent Daily Beast profile of Senator Ted Cruz:
Debate weekends included Friday night parties that Cruz often attended, where he was remembered to be "sort of a stud" with girls on the debate circuit.
Congratulations to Senator Cruz for being the biggest stud on the debate circuit.  This is similar to his recent emergence as the most conservative member of the United States Senate.  In both cases, Cahnman's Musings wonders how stiff the competition really was....:P

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  1. I believe this is a fair question under the present circumstances! From what we've witnessed, it would appear "Brother" Cruz cares more for the trust of his supporters, the respect of his peers, & the guidance from his God than this "Stud" label. Time will be his judge & jury! Excellent post & observations! Peace be with you. Coram Deo


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