Monday, June 4, 2012

Cruz Supporters: Cut Rick Perry Some Slack

In conversations the past few days, several friends have expressed frustration with Rick Perry's support for David Dewhurst in the U.S. Senate Race.  The frustration is understandable, and Perry hasn't helped his own case.  Nevertheless, I urge Ted Cruz supporters to consider the 2013 legislative session and the Texas Constitution before condemning Governor Perry.

Last April, Governor Perry unveiled a very ambitious agenda for the 83rd Texas Legislature.  As I've written before, the Texas Budget Compact is THE structural reform to secure Texas' long-term economic future.  To enact the Texas Budget Compact, it needs to pass both houses of the Texas Legislature.

Like it or not, the Texas Constitution grants the sitting Lieutenant Governor almost dictatorial powers over the Texas Senate.  Like it or not, David Dewhurst hasn't kept secret his willingness to abuse the power of his current office as he seeks a new one.  Like it or not, David Dewhurst will still be Lieutenant Governor during the 83rd Texas Legislature.

David Dewhurst has already endorsed the Texas Budget Compact.  That's huge.  A vindictive, petulant Lieutenant Governor can ruin the 83rd Texas Legislature.

Ted Cruz does not need Rick Perry's support to win the U.S. Senate race; Rick Perry knows this.  David Dewhurst, however, can make life miserable for Conservatives in 2013; Rick Perry also knows this.  Cut Rick Perry some slack on this one, he knows what he's doing.

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