Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mediterranean Update Tuesday: It's all About God

Last Tuesday, I issued an update on the situation in the Mediterranean zone of chaos.  I was thinking about making this a regular feature.  Events over the past 48 hours definitely merit comment.

On Sunday, in the do-over elections, Greece stepped back from the brink.  Greek voters gave the pro-European party a solid, though not overwhelming, victory.  While we're nowhere near out of the woods, this does buy us some time.  A fragile consensus might exist that economic reform, as painful as it might be, beats the chaos that would follow a Greek exit from the Eurozone.  It definitely beats having Nazi's and Communists take power.

I'd barely exhaled over Greece, when this headline about Russia collaborating with Syria came out.  For those of you unaware, Russian collaboration with Israel's enemies 'to the north' is a MAJOR BIBLICAL PROPHESY.  Obviously, we don't know when the end is going to arrive, but when the news of the day reports that Russian Military assets are positioned on Syrian Territory where Iranian proxies can attack Israel, I take notice.  I spent some time yesterday making sure I was ready for the end of the end.  Then, all of a sudden, the Russian ship turned back.

(Sidenote: In the realm of Earthly Geopolitics, Vladmir Putin's utter contempt for Barack Obama must also be noted.)

So, what does this mean?!?

I know some people are going to say I'm crazy for writing this, but I think we've seen two major acts of Divine Protection in the past 48 hours.  I've seen God at work in my own life lately, and I've suspected we'd see His hand in World Affairs.  The Scriptures are clear that He will warn us before the end, and I can't shake the feeling that these were two of those warnings.  Even if one accepts earthly explanations for these events, the fact that Greek voters and British insurance companies are acting courageously is miraculous by itself.  But I don't accept Earthly explanations.

It's easy to get caught up in the affairs of the world and lose perspective.  That's why it's important to check ourselves and make sure we keep Him first.  With God, we can accomplish anything; without Him, we can't do squat.

If I were a Pastor, this is where I'd do the invitation; since I'm not, I'll send you here:

Update (6/20/2012): The Greeks are now paying their back taxes; do you believe in Miracles?!?


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