Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bohener caves on Keystone Pipeline (yet again)

John Boehner's underwhelming performance as Speaker continued today.  Once again, House Republicans have caved on the Keystone Pipeline.  As a result Americans will continue to subsidize deadbeat twenty-somethings, but won't receive cheap and abundant energy in return.

This is consistent with Boehner's M.O. since he became speaker.  Republicans have a politically popular position, Obama has a politically questionable one.  Last year's disheartening 'fight' over the debt ceiling was the main example; today's cave is proof that John Boehner has learned nothing since last year.

John Boehner has proven himself an ineffective leader in opposition.  He cannot be trusted to maximize the majority this upcoming election will yield.  Unfortunately, I'm going to have to address this more systematically before the convention.

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