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Book Review: Radical Son, by David Horowitz

Radical Son is the best expose of the American left I have ever read (though I have yet to read Witness).  The history of the American left has been deliberately covered-up, but David Horowitz knows the truth because David Horowitz lived it from the 1940's through the early-1980's.  The bottom line is that every generation of Marxists has known the horrific consequences of its actions in real time, and every generation has covered up their horrors in real time because the truth was an obstacle to their revolutionary objectives.

David Horowitz was born a red-diaper baby in New York City in 1939.  Horowitz's parents, while not paid agents of Moscow themselves, were nevertheless Communist Party Members who followed Moscow's party line.  Horowitz's father, for example, took a party sponsored trip to the Soviet Union in 1932 (18-24).

The first half of David Horowitz's life reads like a guided tour through the darkest aspects of twentieth century America.  Horowitz's parents were fellow travelers of the treasonous Rosenbergs.  Horowitz himself helped launch the New Left (105/6) in response to John Kennedy's War in Vietnam.  He worked extensively with the Black Panthers in the 1970's until a murder committed by Panther operatives caused Horowitz to question his allegiance to the left.

In each instance, the left knew about the crimes of its fellow travelers in real time.  1950's American leftists knew about Stalin's famines and gulags.  The 1960's antiwar left knew the North Vietnamese were genocidal thugs who were torturing American P.O.W.'s.  In the 1970's, while many didn't want to admit it, the White Left knew the Black Panthers were street criminals and not the 'Revolutionary Outlaws' of leftist imagination. In each instance, the American Left covered up the crimes of revolutionary leftists in pursuit of revolutionary objectives.

While each era in Horowitz's life is worthy of an essay on its own, his encounters with the homosexual left in the mid-1980's (after Horowitz had broken with the left but before he publicly identified himself as a conservative), are most directly relevant to today.  From page 337 to page 349, Horowitz chronicles his dealings with homosexual radicals during the mid-1980's.  At the time, there was a concerted effort to blame President Reagan for AIDS.  Horowitz smelled a rat and decided to investigate.  What Horowitz discovered is one of the most morally and physically disgusting sets of lies about which I have ever read.

Early in his investigation, Horowitz discovered:
the political aspects of the story were more significant and troubling than we had imagined....[I]t was the gay leaders themselves who suppressed the research findings, along with the fact -- now generally accepted by medical officials -- that AIDS was a sexually transmitted disease....The activists were afraid that identifying the disease with promiscuous sex and also with gay sex -- 95 percent of the cases in San Francisco were among homosexual males -- would stigmatize the 'gay lifestyle' and create a political backlash.  The political clout of the activists was powerful enough to prevent information about the sexual transmission of AIDS from being disseminated by health officials to those at risk....[A]nd that passive Anal Sex was the source of almost all transmissions. (339-340)
In order to advance their revolutionary objectives, the radical homosexual 'leadership' knowingly committed  ignorant men to involuntary martyrdom.  As one nurse Horowitz interviewed explained: "There are leaders in this community...who don't want people to know the truth.  Their attitude is that it is bad for business, bad for the gay image.  Hundreds, perhaps thousands, are going to die because of this attitude. This whole thing borders on the homicidal.  (342)"  In reality, hundreds of thousands have died.

This era remains relevant because today's homosexual 'leadership' is equally corrupt but better organized.  Just this past month, Barack Obama invited militant homosexual 'leaders' to the White House, where they continued the juvenile homosexual vendetta against President Reagan.  Dan Savage is just as big a bully as the homosexual 'leaders' in San Francisco in the mid-1980's, and Dan Savage is coming for your children.  No matter how the Dan Savage's of the world try to spin it, Homosexual activity leads directly to gross diseases and shorter life spans.  Unfortunately, the attitude of far too many homosexual can be summed up in this quote: "Every time I get the clap, I'm striking a blow for the sexual revolution. (338)"

Marxism is a Satanic ideology.  David Horowitz spent the first 40 years of his life intimately involved with Satan's minions on the American Left, and he lived to tell the story.  I believe God protected David Horowitz over the years so he could expose the truths the left deliberately covered up.  If Radical Son has a shortcoming, it's that Horowitz focuses too much on earthly politics without understanding the Spiritual Warfare described in Ephesians 6.  That shortcoming, however, is forgivable.  If you want to understand the truths the American left has covered up, from Uncle Joe's paid agents in the 1940's through the radical homosexuals of the 1980's, Radical Son is required reading.

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