Thursday, June 14, 2012

Desperate Dewhurst's Despicable Smear of Private Citizen

What do you call a sitting government official who smears a Private Citizen?!?  You call him Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst.

The back-story is simple: A Ted Cruz supporter made a statement on Twitter criticizing the Dewhurst Campaign for hiding behind disabled veterans and the Dewhurst campaign responded by lying and accusing the Cruz supporter of belittling wounded veterans.

Adrian Murray has more:
So, just like with the Chinese piracy lie and the contributions to Democrats lie, finding the truth required skydiving once again into Dewhurst fantasyland, a journey not recommended for small children or the feeble of mind. The first two lies took an arduous five minutes to thoroughly debunk. The latest, all of about thirty seconds. It just keeps getting easier as the lies get more creatively desperate.

Here's the story: At the Republican convention this past weekend the Dewhurst campaign introduced their candidate with a moving two-minute video of wounded Iraqi War veteran Daniel Moran endorsing the Lt. Governor. Katrina tweeted, "Dewhurst exploits deformed disabled vet in intro video. So sad. Liberals placate to heart strings so it meets expectations.” 

Okay, deformed was a poor word choice (Katrina later apologized when the twitter-sphere piled on.) But does that error warrant this, which is the first line of the attack email?

“Ted Cruz's campaign machine has sunk to an outrageous new low.”

Really? Is this amateur hour in the Dewhurst campaign bunker? How does this even have anything to do with the Cruz campaign machine?

That’s lie number one.

Lie number two is the allegation that mega-supporter Katrina Pierson attacked Capt. Moran's character. (Just what is a mega-supporter, anyway? You either support a candidate or you don't. What's the mega thing supposed to mean?) Did you read anything in the tweet that attacks his character? No? Neither did I.

Lie number three comes with this statement: “The fact the neither Ted Cruz nor his campaign has apologized to Capt. Moran and denounced these shameful and insensitive comments (hyperbolize much, fellows?) clearly demonstrates a lack of leadership in admitting when he, his campaign, or their most prominent supporters make mistakes.”

While we're all still waiting on the apology for the lies about China and Democrat donations, we'd like to point out the the Cruz campaign, while it was certainly not obligated to, did issue this statement:
“This was a poor choice of words and Katrina, who is an unpaid Tea Party leader and single mother, has appropriately apologized. As an Iraq War veteran, I can tell you unequivocally that Ted Cruz respects Dan Moran's service and that of every veteran.” We'd give the Dewhurst team the benefit of the doubt and assume that just hadn't seen this statement yet, but with the history of lies coming from fabricating folks we're just going to say they lied.
David Dewhurst, more desperate than Miranda Lambert thru 5 bars and 30 license plates....

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