Thursday, June 14, 2012

John Cornyn's Pathetic Pander on Eric Holder

A couple days ago, Texas' own U.S. Senator John Cornyn had this encounter with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder:

Stuff like this drives me insane; let's review John Cornyn's record:

I could go on, because John Cornyn has voted for A LOT of atrocious legislation.  John Cornyn has also been a disgraceful chairman of the Republican Senate Campaign committee.  It's against this backdrop that we must assess John Cornyn shamelessly mugging for the cameras from the chamber of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.

This incident encapsulates everything that's infuriating about Texas' Congressional Delegation.  Our congressional delegation routinely supports terrible legislation, then they pander and tell Texas Conservatives what we want to hear.  Texas' Republican Congressional delegation has zero interest in limited government unless they can use it to make Democrats look bad.

That isn't good enough.  If John Cornyn were serious about getting to the bottom of Fast and Furious, he'd have played hardball with the Obama administration a year ago.  Mugging for the cameras and yelling at Eric Holder is way to little, waaaaaaaaay too late.

Contrast John Cornyn's words with Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott's actions.  Where John Cornyn threw a Public Hissy fit, Attorney General Abbott has quietly sued the Federal Govt. over 20 times.  Unlike John Cornyn, Attorney General Abbott gets results.

With all due respect, Senator Cornyn, you've been playing this game for a decade; we've figured it out.

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