Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ronald Reagan and the Power of Truth

Yesterday was the twenty-fifth anniversary of Ronald Reagan's Tear Down this Wall Speech:
I had the opportunity to hear Peter Robinson, the Reagan aide who drafted the speech, discuss its Genesis today in Austin.  I was struck, overwhelmingly, by the powerful simplicity of truth.

The Book of Ephesians calls God's word "the sword of the spirit" (6:17 KJV); Psalm 119 makes clear that His word is Truth.  Through God, truth frequently acts as a sword.  Ronald Reagan understood this reality.

The struggle between Freedom and Totalitarianism in Geopolitics is an extension of the struggle between Good and Evil that began in the Garden of Eden.  As our founders understood, man's freedom derives from the fact that God created us in His image.  Totalitarianism, like all Satanic Ideologies, can only exist on top of lies.  Truth slays lies, which is why totalitarians intimidate people against truth.  On a related note, this is why the American left is so desperate to put Rush Limbaugh out of business.

Robinson spoke today about the speech-writing trip he took to Berlin in advance of the President.  While in Berlin, the State Department bureaucracy, content to manage lies, told Robinson the residents of Berlin didn't really care about the Wall.  In contrast, an actual resident of Berlin, upon being asked about the Wall, indignantly asked Robinson: "My sister lives a few miles that way [pointing at the Wall] and I haven't seen her in 20 years; how do you think I feel about the Wall?!?"

When Andrew Breitbart died, I wrote:
Andrew Breitbart stood for Truth.  We have to restore that truth.  We have to restore the truth about God.  We have to restore the truth about History.  We have to restore the truth in our Culture.  We have to restore the truth about our Economy.  We have to restore the truth about our Government.  The truth can be terrifying, especially at first, but the lies will kill you.
Truth is simple, even though it's often not easy.  Totalitarians, like all minions of the Great Deceiver, disugise truth and intimidate those who seek and speak it.  Ronald Reagan's stunning political success resulted from his personal grounding in Truth.  Not surprisingly, Jesus Christ said it best: "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. (John 8:32 KJV)"

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