Wednesday, June 6, 2012

America is Wisconsin; not Greece

Amid the celebration of Governor Scott Walker's decisive victory last night, one lesson stands out clearly: America is still America, we haven't become Greece.

Since Barack Obama was elected, and since the number of takers has inched ever closer to the number of makers, existential questions have been asked.  Can the American people restore the Constitutional Republic of our foundation, or will we succumb to what Mark Steyn calls extremely seductive incremental decline?!?  Last night, the voters of Wisconsin gave their answer.

In 2010, Governor Scott Walker campaigned on Restoring Economic Growth, Balancing the Budget, and Not Raising Taxes.  Collective Bargaining Reform is a natural component of that agenda.  Collective Bargaining Reform discredited the corrupt shibboleths upon which the left is built, thus they threw every thuggish tactic in their arsenal at Governor Walker.  The failed.  Wisconsinites affirmed budgetary reforms and thumbed their noses at the Unions.

Contrast last night is Wisconsin with the ongoing chaos in Greece.  Where Wisconsinites chose prudent budgetary reforms, Greeks threw a violent hissy fit.  Where Wisconsinites re-affirmed a courageous politician, Greeks elected Nazi's.  Wisconsin has a future, Greece does not.

Last night, Wisconsin voters sent a message to the world.  Is America done?!?  Not yet, NOT BY A LONG SHOT....

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