Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mediterranean Update Tuesday on Saturday

Between my Ted Cruz interview and the Obamacare news this week, I haven't had time to comment on the news coming out of the Mediterranean.  There are, however, three stories that came out this past week about which I do want to comment.

First things first, the Muslim Brotherhood has officially come to power in Egypt.  There is no way to spin this, it's an unmitigated disaster.  The Suez Canal is now controlled by Islamists.  Even worse, we can now expect Egypt to become a major state sponsor of terrorism.  I pray Jesus is coming back soon, because every other possibility is catastrophic.

Speaking of Jesus coming back, Vladimir Putin was in Israel this past week.  We was there to talk Natural Gas and Iranian Nukes.  I think Ezekiel 38:12 speaks for itself: "To take a spoil, and to take a prey."

Finally, I wanted to touch on the latest European bailout deal.  Jim Rogers is spot on when he says "Just because you have a way to get to borrow more money, this is not solving the problem, it is making the problem worse."  However, we are now late enough in Barack Obama's presidency that I think there's actually A LOT of value in kicking the can down the road seven more months and into Mitt Romney's presidency.

At a minimum, this AIN'T gonna be boring.

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