Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Help Mess with Teachers Unions!!!

Up in New Hampshire, Granite Grok has found something interesting:
I was forwarded a copy of the candidate survey sent out to New Hampshire Legislative Candidates from the American Federation of Teachers (AFT-NH).  It is twenty-five questions whose focus can be summed up in two words; Money and Power.
The entire survey is dedicated to asking whether you will do anything to curb public union power or will vote to change how public union teachers are compensated, their pensions,  including whether you would support any legislation that would make it harder to raise taxes.
Can’t put road blocks on the path to legal plunder.  Gotta have more taxes.   Money and Union Power. That’s the entire survey.
There are questions on voter ID, Vouchers, Charter Schools; do you support right to work and collective bargaining rights; would you block dues collection through payroll deduction, and they even ask if you would vote to block Obamacare?  But my favorite….”Do you support the Free State Project?”  I kid you not.
So what about the children?  Screw the children. There is not one question about kids, students, materials, curriculum, facilities, or anything that has anything to do with legislators concerns about public education or educating children, unless you count the questions on whether you might be even remotely inclined to let parents (see also taxpayers) decide where to educate their children.  Like I said, money and power.
If you are wondering, I am not a candidate, but I’d still get a zero and not just because I support the Free State Projects rights, just as much as I support the right of Democrats, to express their opinions and agendas, and to engage in the political process.  I clearly have more in common with them than the AFT, a lot more, but the question does not ask that does it?
So does the AFT survey tell us about their proprieties for “education?”  Damn right it does.  Public education is merely a vehicle to money and Union power. And your chidlren?  They don’t even make the the candidate survey.

Here's the Link to the Survey

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