Friday, June 8, 2012

The American Electorate has Changed; Scott Walker is Proof!!!

The American Electorate has changed over the past five years.  The 2010 Tea Party Landslide was the first revelation of this fact.  Gov. Scott Walker's easy win Tuesday proves the depth of this shift.

The American People are indignant that the people who created this mess are asking for more power to continue the scam.  The American people understand that we've been sold a bill of goods over the past 100 years and that the game can no longer continue.  Prior to 1913, Federal Spending never exceeded 5% of GDP (except for the middle of the Civil War) and we need to return to those levels.  The individual bogeymen vary, from Federal housing policy, to The Federal Reserve, to Public Sector Unions, but their shared root cause is big government aggrandizing and enriching itself at the expense of decent people.  The American people understand the cause of this mess.

The American people have never been fans of gauzy, go-along to get-along centrism.  The Perot movement, which emerged in 1992, was a reaction to the Bush 41 administration's aggrandizement of Washington D.C. at the expense of Americans.  As Doug Schoen and Scott Rasmussen detail in their book Mad as Hell: How the Tea Party Movement is Fundamentally Remaking our Two-Party System:
Perot-era populism -- sparked by President George H.W. Bush's broken promise of 'no-new taxes' -- has never really left our politics....The resurgence of populism we are experiencing today is a continuation of the populist uprising of 1992 in the same way that World War II was a continuation of World War I, with a period in between that appeared quieter than it really was.  Also, just like the World Wars, the second act of the Perot-era is likely to provoke far more turbulence and far bigger changes on the political battlefields of 21st-century America. (47)
TARP followed by Obamacare forced decent people to stop complaining and become active.  Now that we're active, it's becoming increasingly easier to draw the widest possible contrast between decent people and the Left.

Madison is the New Democratic Core, which means that the Democrats are down to hippies and Union Thugs.  As Michael Barone has documented, decent people have grown to despise Democrat client groups. This shift is why historical modeling is inadequate to understand what's coming in November.  The lies of the past 100 years have been exposed, and the American people are awake.  This election isn't just about replacing Barack Obama, it isn't even just about repealing the excesses of the past decade; this election is about dismantling the lies of the past 100 years and restoring who we really are.

Think big people.  As Rush has explained for years, "Conservatism Wins, Every Time It's Tried."  Wisconsin is proof.

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