Monday, June 11, 2012

Movie Review: For Greater Glory

This movie was awesome; I can't believe Hollywood made it.

For Greater Glory tells the story of the Cristero Rebellion, a forgotten episode in World History.  In 1924, a leftist government came to power in Mexico, then violently suppressed the Catholic Church.  For Greater Glory tells the story of the Cristada resistance.

The Movie opens in 1926, during the Calles government.  The first part of the movie details shutting down the churches, followed by the initial political resistance to the Calles regime.   Unfortunately, the regime ignored the people, and continued to brutally suppress the Church.  Armed resistance naturally followed.

The movie weaves together the personal stories of five main characters to tell the story of a Revolution.  Andy Garcia plays General Enrique Gorostieta, a retired General who signs up to fight for freedom and comes to know God.  Mauricio Kuri plays Jose, a young teenager who joins the Christadas after watching the regime brutalize his Village Priest.  Victorino, a ranchero and Father Vega, a Priest must learn to set aside their differences in pursuit of a bigger goal.  Catalina Sandino Morena played Adriana, who shows the role women played arming the rebellion and caring for the Freedom Fighters.  While Eva Longoria appears briefly, she's not around long enough to say anything stupid.

The parallels between Mexico in the 1920's and contemporary America are obvious.  Like Presidente Calles, the current American President is a demagogic Communist.  Like Presidente Calles, the current American President cannot tolerate competing belief systems.  While, unlike Presidente Calles, Barack Obama's weapon against the Church is likely to be the Health and Human services department instead of Federal Troops, the intention is identical.  The Universal Truths of God are a threat to totalitarians everywhere.

For Greater Glory is the second film to come out this year, following Monumental (which I reviewed in March), that outlines the road-map for our cultural renewal.  Where Monumental was instructive, For Greater Glory is illustrative.  I have no idea who they had to bribe or blackmail to get Hollywood to make this movie, but I Thank the Lord that it did Happen.

For Greater Glory; it was friggin' awesome!!!

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