Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vladimir Putin's Utter Contempt for Barack Obama

Yesterday, I wrote about the intersection of current events in the Mediterranean and Biblical Prophesy.  I stand by what I said.  I do, however, want to accompany that analysis with a comment on Earthly Geopolitics.

In late March, Barack Obama asked Dimitri Medvedev for 'space' until after the upcoming election when he would have more 'flexibility' to address Moscow's concerns.  Vladimir Putin responded by sending Russian Marines to undermine Barack Obama's farce of a Syria policy.  This reveals everything you need to know about Barack Obama's pathetic performance as Commander-in-Chief.

Barack Obama's vaunted 'reset' with Vladimir Putin might be the biggest policy failure of Barack Obama's administration.  I say that fully aware of the Debt and Obamacare.  Barack Obama has surrendered everything to Moscow and gotten nothing in return.

Barack Obama, much like Franklin Roosevelt at Yalta, surrendered Eastern Europe to Moscow.  In return, Moscow helped Iran accelerate its nuclear program.  Under Barack Obama's watch, Vladimir Putin (with Iran) is also selling Hugo Chavez missiles that can hit the United States.

If this is Biblical prophesy, then so be it.  Scripture is quite clear, however, that we don't know when the End is going to occur.  In the meantime, however, Barack Obama's Foreign Policy has been catastrophic for the United States.  From Libya, to Egypt, to Iraq, to Afghanistan, to Latin America Barack Obama has made the United States a Global Laughingstock (and he lied about bin Laden).  Vladimir Putin's contempt over Syria is par for the course.

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