Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcoming Brietbart Sports

This morning, Breitbart.com announced the addition of Breitbart Sports to the Breitbart family; this is a welcome development in the culture war.

Sports media is a primary transmission mechanism for what Andrew called 'liberalism by osmosis,' where a generally apolitical population receives Marxism in small, subtle, doses that shifts public opinion over time.

The best way to illustrate this phenomenon is with an example from my personal life.  Back in 2008, I was looking at polling data from that election with ESPN playing in the background.  I was trying to understand why public opinion had shifted so dramatically against Sarah Palin when, on cue, the ESPN anchors chimed in with back-to-back-to-back 'Sarah Palin is stupid' jokes.  People who didn't follow the news got their view of Sarah Palin shaped by ESPN.  That moment was my personal epiphany, but the insidious role of sports media is obvious to anyone paying attention.

Since 2008, it's gotten worse.  From denigrating Tim Tebow's faith, to Bob Costas' recent endorsement of gun-grabbing, sports media's influence on our culture is undeniable.  It's long past time to hold sports media accountable.

In the short term, this means getting in front of this phony NFL-concussion 'issue.'  Lawsuits are here, and the sports media will help turn this into a boondoggle for trial lawyers.  Bullcrap.  Most NFL players who go broke do so through their own stupidity.  The coming cultural kerfuffle over NFL concussions is a fight we can win.

Culture is upstream of politics, and sports is often at the front line of culture; this is a shrewd move by the Brietbart crew.


Update: Talk about God's perfect sense of timing.  About two hours after I posted this, I'm watching Ken Burns' The Tenth Inning on MLB Network.  Who is doing the commentary for this documentary?!?  Keith Olbermann, Bob Costas, and Chris Rock are talking about 'economic pressures' as an excuse for steroids.  Textbook example.

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