Thursday, October 17, 2013

Austin Chronicle tells a Bald-Faced Lie

From today's write-up on the Austin Housing Boondoggle:
It's these types of public exchanges that are making affordable housing advocates nervous. Last year, a $78.3 million bond election failed by just 7,000 votes – and that was without any organized opposition. This time around, with a $65 million bond proposition on the ballot, a group called Travis County Taxpayers Union has organized against the measure. And though it's a low-budget opposition campaign – basically a one-man-band run by Don Zimmerman, a libertarianish Republican who's made a few runs for public office – it carries all the bells and whistles (a "taxpayer rape whistle," to be precise) designed to get Zimmerman's political brethren riled up, no matter how offensive the tactics. In last year's bond election, the Taxpayers Union did not specifically target the housing bond; rather, it put all its marbles into defeating the proposed medical school, which won handily. So maybe the group's losing track record will bring housing advocates some luck at the polls this year.

[Emphasis Ours]
The Chronicle conveniently omits TCTU's victory against two Austin ISD bonds earlier this year; nor to they mention the TCTU lawsuit that has the other two bond propositions on ice at the 3rd Court of Appeals.

Or maybe the Austin Chronicle fails to read their own paper.

But hey, why accurately cite history from five months ago when there's a narrative to push?!?

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