Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Glenn Beck Meets Mike Rowe

Glenn Beck spent 45 minutes today with Mike Rowe discussing student loan debt and the skills gap in the American economy:

  • Most people who are REALLY successful didn't graduate from college.
    • eg. Bill Gates or Steve Jobs
  • "I'm not against a college education, I'm against debt."
  •  We have three million jobs no one seems to want, with a trillion dollars in outstanding student loan debt, over 7% unemployment and the lowest labor force participation rate in decades.
  • "We're lending money we don't have to kids who won't be able to pay it back for jobs that no longer exist."
  • Since the 2008 crash, we've decided to double-down on 'College for all.'
  • Only 8 to 12% of the 3 million jobs currently available in the United States require a diploma; 90% of them require a skill.
  • "Matt Damon said it in Good Will Hunting: 'One of these days you fellas are going to realize that 150 grand you spent is available at the Boston Public Library for free.

  • There are heavy equipment repair jobs at $120k+ a year that are going unfilled.
  • Let's create scholarships for kids who come in early, stay late, and volunteer for every crappy task imaginable.

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