Tuesday, October 1, 2013

OFFICIAL ENDORSEMENT: Stop 'Financial Date Rape' in Austin, TX

Less than a year ago, voters in Austin, TX withheld their consent to a $78 million 'affordable housing' bond.

This fall, financial predators led by Mayor Lee Leffingwell and City Manager Marc Ott are attempting to re-enter the wallets of vulnerable Austinites.

Leffingwell and Ott's predatory campaign relies upon slipping the voters a mickey in a low-turnout off year election that maximizes the special interest vote.

This morning, the Travis County Taxpayers Union held a press conference to blow the 'taxpayer rape whistle' against financial predators like Lee Leffingwell and Marc Ott.  With individual Austin taxpayers each on the hook for $12,000 in local debt (on top of their share of the national debt), Austinites must stay awake.  If Austinites fall asleep, Lee Leffingwell and Marc Ott will violate their finances.

No means No: "How many mulligans does the Austin City Council get with other people's money?!?" asked TCTU analyst Cathy McGuiniess.

The election runs concurrent with the election for Joe Staus' Water Slush Fund.  Early voting begins October 21.  Election day proper is November 5th.

No means NO; Vote AGAINST the City of Austin's 'affordable housing' bond.


No Means No: Contact Austin's government officials via Twitter

City of Austin: @austintexasgov

Mayor Lee Leffingwell: @theLeeTeam

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  1. No means .... yes to borrow $10 million more
    No means .... ask again with a bigger lie


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