Friday, October 4, 2013

Joe Straus' Water Slush Fund Polling Terribly

As per Agendawise:
A new poll revealed that support for Prop 6, the $2 billion water fund, is unimpressive, well below levels the blustery Austin chatter has estimated for it. Support for the water fund among people who indicated they plan to vote was 44%-42% with 13% who don’t know or refuse to answer. This vote appears to be a toss-up right now.


Prop 6 has been designed with very little oversight, its protectors having killed all of the accountability measured conservatives tried to attach to it. The potential is wide open for connected people to buy land cheap and sell at to the state for water development at an inflated price. Selling water services in a similar way is equally concerning to opponents of Prop 6.

Supporters of Prop 6 are currently losing allies to retirement. Politics in Texas is simultaneously getting less and less attractive for those who are in it for what they can get personally. Prop 6 would be a shot in the arm for those kinds of people to get into, or stay in, the legislature. Defeat would likely send a message that Texas politics is heading in a perks-free direction.
 Read the whole thing here.

More information on Joe Straus' Water Slush Fund here.

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