Friday, October 11, 2013

Daily Texan Carries Water for Joe Straus (Pun Intended)

Talk about the media doing the government's bidding:
Prop. 6 may fund drought relief by 2 billion
[Emphasis ours]
Screams the headline to which thousands of potential low-information voters across the University of Texas awoke this morning:


The article, which uses the word 'drought' at least eight times, is usefully idiotic UT-boosterism greasing the skids for the Republican 'leadership' of the Texas House; one example:
In the midst of one of the worst droughts in Texas history, professors’ research on water is becoming more relevant to students who will have an opportunity in November to vote on a Texas constitutional amendment increasing water project funding.
 Making matters better, the article uncritically reports some UT bureaucrat's endorsement of incremental central planning in water:
Many organizations in Texas measure water levels, but there is not a centralized source of all the water-related information
Because there's no better way to fix the state's water problems than a...centralized group of experts!!!

The Daily Texan fails to mention that the local governments who have run up (at least) $192 billion in debt would be the ultimate arbiters of Prop. 6 money (with the usual suspects taking a cut as middlemen).

Prop. 6 has nothing to do with drought or water.  Prop. 6 is a power-grab by narcissistic Austin insiders, led by Texas House Speaker Joe Straus.  That the Daily Texan prefers to focus on legislative pork for UT to the exclusion of crony capitalism tells you everything you need to know about the Daily Texan.

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