Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Abortion Barbie fails to discuss...Abortion Ruling?!?

In preparing our commentary on Ashley's interview yesterday, we noticed an interesting detail in the original KXAN piece.

Yesterday, a Federal judge temporarily suspended a minor part of the Abortion law Texas passed last summer.  Planned Parenthood and the Burnt Orange Report both hailed the decision.  So how did the Democrat candidate for Governor, whose candidacy was propelled by her support for late-term abortion, react?!?

Did she hold a press conference?!?


Did she make a triumphant declaration about how yesterday's decision is a victory for a bizarre definition of "women's rights"?!?


Did she even send out a press release?!?


So how, pray tell, did Wendy Davis react to yesterday's ruling?!?

This tweet:

It's like she already knows she's lost.

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