Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Julian Castro's "Streetcar Named Desire"

Empower Texans Greg Harrison details another corrupt boondoggle from Julian Castro:
Despite their wishes, San Antonio residents will see their taxes raised for a fiscally irreconcilable and entirely unnecessary deal at the behest of Mayor Julian Castro and County Judge Nelson Wolff. And these two elected officials are seeing to it that the city pays for their pet streetcar program no matter what. 
The streetcar / light rail idea is nothing new, although its proponents would purport that it is the pinnacle of modern mass transit.  Those more grounded by reality though realize that’s nothing more than wishful thinking. According to “The Streetcar Fantasy,” a comprehensive industry appraisal of streetcar programs similar to the one proposed for San Antonio, streetcars and their operating systems (unlike cars, buses and highways) have not improved in any significant fashion in the past 100 years, and remain generally inefficient and ineffective. 
But despite the inherent inefficiencies of such a system, Mayor Castro and Judge Wolff are still pressing for it, ignoring the fact that San Antonio voters shot down a proposal in 2000 – by a considerable 70% – 30% margin – for a streetcar program run by Via. 


Now, voters are stuck with the extra tax – which still hasn’t remedied Via’s dismal fiscal situation – while the transit agency is poised to completely renege on promises made about the project now proposed to cost $272 million (not including operations, maintenance, or a contingency fee). 
This is just scratching the surface of the entire debacle surrounding Via and the Castro Administrations’s pipe-dream of establishing a legacy of “green” and “modern” mass transit. San Antonio residents will end up paying – metaphorically and financially, if they don’t take a greater interest in those running their local government. 
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  1. The City will not be able to support infrastructure projects once the ongoing bond fraud is exposed and the current AAA bond rating obtained via fraud is downgraded to JUNK….

    Civil lawsuits are before the Federal Court…BUT…we need criminal charges filed to get the crooks out of office and into prison.

    Corrupt city officials are being sued in Federal Court for violating the rights of other law-abiding citizens they banned from City Hall and public meetings in violation of the Constitution and the Texas Open Meeting Act. Citizens continue to call for a criminal investigation and to have ALL City business conducted from July 2009 to April 2013 in violation of the law during illegal meetings declared null and void.

    San Antonio TX Mayor Julian Castro ( Obama campaign co-manager) , city attorney Michael Bernard ( brother of White House Social Secretary Jeremy Bernard) and SAPD Chief William McManus are being sued in Federal Court for Constitutional violations after they banned a law-abiding citizen from City Hall and public meetings for almost four years in an effort to conceal public/police corruption. Along with Councilman Diego Bernal, Councilman Cris Medina, IT Director Miller, etc .they have been reported to the DOJ, HUD, the FBI, etc. for helping cover-up decades of grant fraud, bond fraud, theft, falsification of government documents, perjury, obstruction, theft/misuse of 911 funds ( 25% failure rate for emergency calls) , Open Meeting violations, two” frauds upon the court” - 2009 and 2013 financed with tax dollars, HUD theft/fraud where city persons submitted false statements to federal investigators in case HL-10-0465, etc…

    The Free-Speech / Freedom of Assembly lawsuit is moving forward and former City Telecommunications Manager John E Foddrill Sr obtained the representation of a Dallas TX law firm. US District Judge Xavier Rodriguez has denied the City’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit …5:13-cv-00051…stating- " Each day that Plaintiff was allegedly barred from accessing public facilities he suffered a constitutional injury" and “the fact that for close to four years Plaintiff was prohibited from exercising his rights to free speech and assembly".

  2. City persons submitted known fraudulent statements/audits to federal investigators in HUD case hl-10-0465 in an effort to conceal three decades of fraud and theft inside the City’s IT Department. They falsely stated that only $648 was misspent when in fact city documents show that millions of dollars were secretly and illegally pilfered from city, county, state and federal accounts. HUD-OIG agent Victoria Marquez refused to interview material witnesses and refused to investigate the misuse of the "variable" telephone billing account that was used to illegally siphon tens of millions of dollars out of city, county, state and federal accounts over the past three decades. City IT Director Miller has steadfastly concealed these criminal acts for years and now conspires with other corrupt city persons to submit known fraudulent information to federal investigators. We continue to ask that HUD-OIG reopen the investigation and arrest every corrupt person involved in the criminal conspiracy including City IT Director Hugh Miller.

    City persons…especially “independent” city auditor Kevin Barthold…have submitted known false statements to bond underwriters, bond counsel , bond rating firms and bond investors . The fraudulent statements omitted any reference to the decades of fraud./theft, the ONGOING criminal conspiracy to conceal the crimes, the theft of upwards of $200,000 by city IT manager Jose Medina and vendor Isabel Gonzaba, the illegal no-bid contracts steered to “friends”, the illegal use of 911 and communications funds to renovate IT office space, construct cubicles, paint offices, purchase a trophy case and other furniture, to travel, etc. , the accounting fraud designed to conceal the crimes, the TWO unconstitutional bans issued to silence reports of the crimes, the discarded police reports, etc. The fraudulent statements declare that funds are protected by internal controls, internal auditors, external auditors, etc. from theft, fraud and waste knowing the statements to be false. The SEC has created case # FWRO 302036 to track reports of bond fraud by the City of San Antonio Texas. City IT Director Hugh Miller , Mayor Julian Castro, city attorney Michael Bernard, SAPD Chief McManus and others are named in documents submitted to the SEC.

  3. What is holding back crimina charges?


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