Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Clash of the Bobs

Cahnman's Musings just received the following press release:
Bob Hall Announces State Senate Bid to Unseat Long-time Incumbent
Excessive, misdirected spending and corporate welfare have to go in Austin.

CANTON – During Monday night’s Canton TEA Party meeting, Canton TEA Party Chairman Bob Hall announced his campaign for Texas State Senate District 2. He enters the Republican Primary race against incumbent District 2 Senator, Robert Deuell.

Hall is a graduate of The Citadel; served as a Captain in the US Air Force, Space and Missile Systems Command; holds a commercial pilot license, and is a long-time business-owner with clients in multiple states.

Hall told the excited crowd, “Our Texas government has grown too big and spends too much of the taxpayers' money. The incumbent legislators we trusted in the past have put us on a course that is unsustainable. Our state government is too big, regulates too much, spends too much on things that are not the core constitutional functions of state government, doles out favors to special interests, has too much debt, and relies too much on federal dollars for the state budget. This weakens our great state.

Conservatives must work together to reclaim our state government for future generations. This election is about our children and grandchildren. We must change the legacy we are leaving them, and the only way that will happen is by replacing the incumbents with true conservatives who care more about future generations than they do about just getting themselves re-elected.

I will work to bring real meaning to the core principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, the rule of law and state sovereignty. I am not a professional politician and have never held a public office. However, I once answered the
call to serve my country in the military, and I am now ready to serve in the Texas legislature as the true conservative Senator of Senate District 2.”
Cahnman's Musings has met Bob Hall on multiple occasions.  We've always found him to be a solid citizen.  We do not, however, know him as well as Konni Burton or Katrina Pierson, so this isn't an official endorsement (yet!).

Bob Deuell, the incumbent, is a leading practitioner of the pro-life, second amendment two step.  No one denies that Deuell helped get HB 2 across the finish line last summer, but his record on government spending is atrocious.  That Bob Deuell is an ally of the departed and disgraced Tommy Williams should tell you everything you need to know about Bob Deuell.

This race will hinge on pro-lifers.  While Bob Hall is just as pro-life as Bob Deuell, he wasn't in the Texas Senate to vote for HB 2.  If pro-life groups continue their myopic and short-sited support for pro-life incumbents, the profligate culture of the Texas Legislature will continue.  If pro-lifers stay neutral in a race where either candidate will be excellent on their issues, the Texas Senate could see a major step in the right direction.  Either way, this will be an interesting race to watch.

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