Thursday, October 10, 2013

Teachers Unions for Abortion Barbie!!!

From the largest teachers union in Texas:
The Texas American Federation of Teachers this week endorsed State Sen. Wendy Davis in her run for Texas governor. “When we offer to stand with candidates and work for their election, we spend an enormous amount of time looking at their positions on education issues to ensure they will be effective leaders in developing policies that support our schoolchildren,” said Linda Bridges, Texas AFT President. “When we looked through everything Wendy has done for Texas education, it came as no surprise that she has always been at the forefront of the fight to help our schoolchildren and the teachers who serve them. In short, she’s a champion for public education and a warrior in the fight to fend off efforts to defund and privatize our schools."
 The rest of the endorsement is standard edu-babble, but one point stood out:
Wendy supports teachers. She fought legislation promoting unpaid furloughs for school employees and changes that reduced their employment rights. [Emphasis Ours]
 In other words, Abortion Barbie used teachers as human shields to protect taxpayer-funded educrats....

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