Monday, October 21, 2013

Austin/Travis County November 2013 Conservative Voter Guide

The fall 2013 off-year election is here.  Early voting began this morning and continues through next Friday.  Election day proper is November 5.

Off year elections are always low-turnout affairs that maximize the special interest vote; that's why the powers that be use them to sneak through crap that would never make it through if people were paying attention.

With that in mind, Cahnman's Musings issues the following recommendations if you're voting in the City of Austin or Travis County:

State of Texas Constitutional Amendments:
Texas House HD-50 Special Election:
  • Mike VanDeWalle -- Mike VanDeWalle is in no way, shape, or form an endorsed candidate of Cahnman's Musings.  We strongly suspect VanDeWalle is a vote for Joe Straus.  That being said, the Democrats in this race are friggin' crazy.
City of Austin Housing Bond
  • AGAINST Prop 1 -- Last year, Austin voters rejected tens of millions in debt in service of some vaguely worded 'Affordable Housing' initiative.  This year, the same corrupt group of insiders is trying again.  Teach the politicians: No means NO!!!
Cahnman's Musings cannot over-stress the importance of voting in this election.  Off year elections are deliberately designed to be low-turnout affairs that maximize the special interest vote.  Get off your butt and go vote.

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