Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Agendawise: Gambling and battleground Texas

Casino gambling in Texas is a terrible idea that never seems to die.  Agendawise has a fantastic piece on how casino gambling is also a smokescreen to give organized labor a foothold in Texas.  This is a shrewd plan by Democrats:

Expanded gambling is the Democrats meal ticket to expanded power in Texas. It is an invitation to the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Harry Reid’s political base of power in Nevada.


For Democrats casinos mean a very powerful lobby (think: trial lawyers but more violent) and unions. Reid relied heavily on casino unions to hold onto his seat in 2010. Gambling expansion in Texas means unions and built-in campaign infrastructure.


Gambling expansion is an important plank in the Democratic Party’s plan to take over Texas. Casinos, and the unions that come with them, would be a big victory for them. Conservatives must mobilize in opposition.
Any conservative (or so-called libertarian) who supports casino gambling is a sucker.


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