Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How Marxists Subvert Western Society

This video from former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov, who defected towards the end of the Cold War, explains the process by which Moscow undermined the West from within; understanding this process is crucial to understanding the Sexual Revolution:

  • 85% of KGB activity was subversive.
  • Subversion -- A destructive, aggressive, activity aimed to destroy the target country.
  • Sun Tzu -- Subvert your enemy until he no longer sees you as an enemy.
  1. Demoralization
    • 15 to 20 years
    • The time it takes to maleducate one generation.
    • Influencing public opinion via various means.
    • Stiring up greivances
      • Textbook Alinsky
    • Destroy and ridicule Biblical Religion and replace it with sects and cults.
    • Distract education away from traditional academics.
    • Exploit a gullible media.
    • Moral relativism
      • A slow watering down of standards.
    • Destroy the relationship between employer and employee.
    • Flood influencers of public opinion with Marxist propaganda about 'equality.'
  2. Destabilization
    • Economy, Law and Order, Military.
    • Radicalization of the bargaining process.
      • Make Constructive compromise impossible.
    • Raise contempt for traditional sources of authority
    • Media Puts itself opposite society
    • Students spring into action
      • eg. Occupy Wall St
    • Antagonistic Clashes between groups of society.
  3. Crisis
    • Traditional sources of authority collapse.
    • Growth of non-elected committees
    • Population looks for a 'savior'
    • Strongman comes in to stop chaos.
    • Top down, Bottom up, and inside out.
  4. Normalization
    • Self-appointed leaders no longer need revolution.
    • Stabilize the situation by force.
    • Elimination of agitators from earlier phases.
    • At this point, requires military force to reverse.
The easiest way to combat this is to bring a society back to Biblical religion; faith in God prevents subversion.

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