Saturday, January 26, 2013

Republicans for CSCOPE

One of the great frustrations in life is the degree to which establishment Republicans cover for the most wicked people in the land; on that note, Red Hot Conservative reports on the actions of Texas State Board of Education members Pat Hardy (R) and Thomas Ratliff (R):
As mentioned earlier we have two State Board of Education Members Thomas Ratliff and Pat Hardy which stand behind and support the use of this Marxist Curriculum and its lack of transparency. We expect to have to battle the left in protecting our children form a ideology that is anti Christian but now we have those that run on a Republican ticket betray those that put their trust in them.

Mr. Ratiff has written a letter of support on behalf of the State Board of Education.  Here is an audio of Mr. Ratliff supporting Cscope. Pat Hardy went on a diatribe of her love of Cscope at the November State Board of Education Why is the State Board of Education promoting a private vendor when they have no authority of the Curriculum.
 Read the whole piece here.

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