Friday, January 18, 2013

The Kinsey Fraud

With the obvious success of the Lena Dunham/Sandra Fluke pitch, Cahnman's Musings has been studying the origins of the sexual revolution.  Some time soon, we're going to have a longer piece on Alfred Kinsey and his influence today.  For now, however, this shocking video will set the stage:

  • Kinsey's aim: "To liberate society from its sexual 'repression' and normalize all sexual relations."
  • Kinsey was personally into self-mutiliation.
  • Kinsey discarded 75% of the people he interviewed.
    • So, his conclusions are bogus.
  • Kinsey claimed children were 'sexual from birth.'
  • Used the diaries of child molesters.
  • Kinsey inspired Hugh Hefner. 
  • Kinsey also made up a bunch of phony abortion data.
All American Blogger has more here.

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  1. The truth about Kinsey must be told, as groups like NAMBLA use him as inspiration and cite his 'scientific' (fake and fraudulent research) that children should be raped and molested, this mad scientist is lauded as pioneer and for what!! eroding morals that try to protect human dignity, shame on the Kinsey Institute for not telling the truth and allowing these crimes against humanity to continue with the worship of this man, would the public still respect kinsey if they knew he aided and abetted a Nazi peadophile Dr Fritz Von Balluseck who sexually abused and killed Polish Jewish children.


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