Monday, January 7, 2013

There's an organized effort to Normalize Pedophilia

I intended to discuss this story from the U.K. Guardian last Saturday, but didn't have time before I went into work.  Today, Rush discussed it.  I second everything Rush said, then I'll add some historical context at the end that will shock you:

  • There's an organized effort to normalize pedophilia.
  • Try to recall your first reaction to gay marriage.
  • They'll portray opposition to pedophilia as an antiquated morality.
  • "Just another sexual orientation."
    • "Loving and Natural."
    • "Pedophiles are just wired differently."
  • There an active campaign in Canada to label pedophilia a distinct sexual orientation.
  • "You know who's gonna fall right into line on this?!?  College Kids."
    • Me: YUP!!!
  • When Rush mentions that 'people warned us about this' back when the push to redefine marriage began, he's partially right.  Actually, only one person had the guts.  His name was Rick Santorum.
Back in September, I linked to a story from my buddy All-American blogger.  He details the history of this 'movement.'  The (very) short version of it is that back in the 1970's the pro-homosexual and pro-pedophilia movement were one and the same; they were de-linked in the 1980's when the activists realized it would be easier to sell the public on homosexuality first then return to pedophilia later.

All-American Blogger's entire piece is must read, you can find it here.

Update: Another blogger pal, Jenny Erickson at Cafe' Mom wrote about this last week; I think she's being waaaaaaaaaay too optimistic (just read some of the comments on her post) and that she underestimates the tenacity of the folks were up against.

Update II: Based on some of the comments I've seen on Facebook, I would like to explicitly point out that the movement to normalize pedophilia predates Obama by a long, long, time. 

Update III: A third blogger pal, Warner Todd Huston, also wrote about the U.K. Guardian story last week; he links to this year-old story from Gawker.

Update IV: LifeSiteNews has more here.

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  1. It makes me wonder how much influence the growing Muslim population in the UK has on this - they see nothing wrong with marrying little girls and having sex with little boys, either! It is disgusting, we all know it is disgusting, and yet we will be called the radicals. How can anyone defend this?


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