Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Erica Greider: "Big, Hot, Cheap, and Right: What America Can Learn from Texas."

Listening to Erica Greider, Author of Big, Hot, Cheap, and Right: What America can learn from the Strange Genius of Texas

Obviously, big and hot explain themselves.

  •  Creating almost half of the country's jobs by ourselves.
  •  People are voting with our feet to move here.
  • Some of the lowest cost of living in America.
Is the Texas Miracle Replicable?!?
  • The policy aspects of the Texas Model are replicable
  • Our geographical position is not.
  • Energy industry jobs only account for 2-3% of the new jobs in Texas this past year.
  • Culturally, skepticism about Government runs much deeper in Texas than other parts of America.
What is not going right in Texas?!?
  • The Texas Model works very well; tweak it, perhaps, but don't mess with the broad outline.
  • That being said, our educational system can stand some improvement.
Random Secesssion Factiod:
  • Apparently, at the beginning of the Civil War, Sam Houston was making plans to have Texas secede from the Confederacy!!!

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