Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sen. Ted Cruz: On Making the Argument

Sen. Ted Cruz just finished speaking at the TPPF policy orientation.

What happened in November?!?
  • November 6th was a very ugly day.
  • This election was not a popular affirmation of Obama policy.
  • Republicans didn't make the argument
  • 47% encapsulated the narrative of this election; Romney made a fatal mistake in writing them off instead of speaking to them about uplifting themselves.
What's the path forward?!?
  • Opportunity Conservatism -- Talk about policy in terms of economic ascent.
  • Conservative economic policies make people's lives better.
  • The policies of the Left have "wreaked devastation" on minorities and the poor.
    • "School Choice is about giving poor kids the same options as rich kids."
  • Big Business does great with Big Government.
  • The rich do just fine in socialist countries; you just don't see new rich people.
  • Small Business is the biggest threat to big business.
Texas Must Lead:
  • Texas is America on Steroids.
  • People don't necessarily connect the policy environment of Texas with our economic success.
  • "It is my goal to make the Texas Legislature's job much more difficult."
Upcoming policy debates:
  • "The only hope of have any sort of policy shift between now and 2014 is to maximize our few point of leverage to maximize policy concession."
  • Divided Government -- Whoever owns the default has the advantage.
  • With a  backbone, we can extract meaningful concessions on spending and growth.
Update: Here's the video....

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