Saturday, January 26, 2013

Glenn Beck's Gulch

We've written before about the need to create Galt's Gulch in Texas; Glenn Beck has a plan to make that happen:

  • John Galt refused to live under the government thumb.
  • Maximum Freedom is superior to bureaucratic collectivism.
  • Taxation penalizes creativity.
  • Independence -- Where people gather for all the right 'why's'
  • Embedding truth in architecture.
  • Front Gate -- Ellis Island.
  •  The Ranch -- We need to be much more self sufficient and local in food.
    • Produce more than we consume.
  • We have to return to much simpler times.
  • Media center -- Hosts the TV network.
    • Full Movie Studio.
    • Television -- News and entertainment.
  • News, entertainment, food, energy, and charity.

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