Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Study Documents what we already knew about the University of Texas -- Austin

The permanent bureaucracy of the University of Texas at Austin is one of the great unseen villains of Texas.  Living in the neighborhood of the campus, Cahnman's Musings often observes their crap up close.  That's why we were delighted to read this new study from the National Association of Scholars.

The study, which examines the fall 2010 semester, investigates the lower-level U.S. History course content at UT-Austin and Texas A&M.  The study documents the degree to which Marxist claptrap has infiltrated UT's (and A&M's) curriculum.  While the study's objectives are national in scope, my interests in it are parochial.

While the study documents this phenomenon 9 ways to Sunday, the central conclusion is devastating:
In fall 2010, 78 percent of University of Texas faculty members who taught the freshman and sophomore history courses were high assigners of RCG [race, class, gender] readings.
In other words, 78% of lower level history faculty at UT-Austin are pushing the reflexive, self-immolating, white liberal guilt that just helped re-elect Obama; this isn't surprising.

This study has perfect timing.  Every two years, UT cries poverty to the legislature.  Even though those claims are absurd, people still listen.  Not anymore; the permanent U.T. bureaucracy is a cancer maleducating the next generation of Texans.  This study documents that reality, any Republican legislator who collaborates with the permanent UT bureaucracy deserves a big, fat primary challenge.

Update: I should check my e-mail more frequently, while I was writing this post, BizPAC review found this gem from a UT Journalism professor.

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