Monday, January 14, 2013

Cultural Marxism and the Origins of 'Modern' Sexual Morality

This fantastic video outlines how an obscure group of 1930's Marxist intellectuals bequeathed to America our allegedly modern notions of sexual morality:

  • Gramsci: Western Culture had to be destroyed before Marxist revolution could take place.
    • They needed a cultural revolution against Western Civ.
  •  Early 1920's: Bolsheviks introduce radical sex ed into Hungarian schools.
    • Deliberately designed to undermine family unity.
  •  Horkheimer -- Making culture, not economics, the focus of Marxist efforts.
    • Crossing Marx with Freud
    • Everyone was 'repressed'
      • Sexual 'alienation.'
  • Sexual 'liberation' and gender politics.
    • Masculinity and femininity were 'socially constructed.'
  • 1960's: Marcuse injects cultural Marxism into the new Left.
  • Critical Theory -- Criticize everything without presenting an alternative.
    • Designed to undermine Western Confidence.
  •  Anyone who supports traditional American culture is psychologically unfit.
  • Eros and Civilization:
    • Condemned all restrictions on Sex.
    • Polymorphous perversity and Narciscissm
    • Liberating 'non-Procreative Eros.'
    • The 'intellectual foundation' for having lots of sex with lots of people.

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  1. Great summary of Cultural Marxism here:


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