Monday, January 28, 2013

Senator Ted Cruz: You CAN Build That!!!

Cahnman's Musings was an early supporter of Ted Cruz; we interviewed him during the run-off last year.  Last weekend, he outlined his vision for conservative resurgence.  This could work:

  • "We are on the verge of a re-birth of conservatism."
  • Three pieces of advice to the House GOP:
    • Stop reading the New York Times
    • Stopping bad policy is "a major victory" for the next two years.
    • Use leverage points on fiscal stuff for the next two years
      • Continuing Resolution
      • Debt Ceiling
  • Long-Term: Growth and Opportunity
    • Growth:
      • If we get back to 3-4% growth, our fiscal problems look a lot easier.
      • 10 million new jobs, $3 trillion in new tax revenue over a decade
      • You get more revenue through growth than taxes.
      • The policies of the THATGUY administration retard growth, which kills jobs.
    • Opportunity:
      • Every domestic policy discussion should be focused on opportunity and easing upward economic ascent
      • Our policies work, the other side's don't.
  •  "If you want to vote for the Democrats, they can bring you the same success they brought Detroit."
  • "You CAN build that."
  • Big Business LOVES Big Government!!!
  • Hispanics didn't vote for Republicans because of 47%
  • The Media will always be a lost cause.
  • The rich do just fine under socialism, what you don't see are any new rich people.
Speaking of Ted Cruz and the press, I watched Ted Cruz PUNK two local reporters last October in Austin; you can watch it here.

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