Friday, January 11, 2013

Washington D.C.: The Greatest Threat Facing Texas

Having just spent three days at the Texas Public Policy Foundation's 2013 Policy Orientation, I'm struck by one takeaway: Washington D.C. is the greatest threat facing Texas' economy.

Texas' economic performance this past decade speaks for itself.  By keeping spending and taxes low, and regulations predictable, Texas has created an environment where God-fearing entrepreneurs can risk their capital and earn a respectable rate of return.  I second Lt. Governor David Dewhurst when he said today that: "Texas' economic performance isn't so much a miracle, it's actually just common sense."

The problem, unfortunately, is Washington.

From the Medicaid expansion in Obamacare, to Education Spending, to Federal Transportation dollars with strings attached, to countless other examples, one of Washington's core objectives these days is to micromanage the states.  We can speculate about their reasons (*cough* control *cough*), but the bottom line is that Washington's desire to intrude in our affairs is very real.  It's up to the states to resist Washington's encroachments.

Fortunately, for Texans, most of our leaders understand this fact.

Governor Rick Perry and Attorney General Greg Abbot have been rock stars on this topic for many years.  Cahnman's Musings expects big things from our new U.S. Senator Ted Cruz.  Even Lt. Governor David Dewhurst has been saying the right things.  Texas' ship of state is stronger than most others'.  That's good, because the storm is coming.

Washington is out of money, but Texas has a little.  As Washington continues down this path of suicidal bankruptcy, expect the assault to get worse.  That's why Washington D.C. is the biggest threat facing Texas.

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