Thursday, January 24, 2013

"Move to Texas" -- An Open Letter to Phil Mickelson

Dear Sir,

You recently made news for telling the truth about California's predatory taxation.  I understand your frustration with a corrupt and malevolent government laying claim to the fruits of your labor.  I'd like to offer a (partial) solution.

You should move to Texas; we'd love to have you (and your capital).

Unlike Californians, Texans want you to earn a decent rate of return when you risk your capital.  Texans celebrate success, we won't belittle your accomplishment when years of struggle finally pay off.  If Texans want your money, we won't confiscate it at gunpoint, we'll sell you a good or service in the marketplace.

Texans understand that you will always be the best steward of your own money.  When a predatory government loots the success you've earned to pay off its cronies, everybody loses.  Texans are confident everyone will benefit if we leave you alone to invest or consume your own money however you see fit.

Now let's talk turkey: according to media reports, you earned about $90 million last year between golf and sponsorships.  After the prop 30 debacle last year, California's top income tax rate is 13.3%.  That means, according to my back of the envelope calculation, that moving to Texas could save you close to $12 million dollars a year that would otherwise sink into the California Welfare System.  That's real money.  But it gets better: Texas also has the second lowest cost of living in America, so your housing costs will also be substantially lower.

To be certain, you'd become a target if you were to follow through and move to Texas...but so what?!?  If you're persistent and stick to your guns, people will respect you.  On a related note, I'd LOVE to handle your PR for this move.

Move to Texas Phil Mickelson; we'd love to have you and your capital!!!

Adam Cahn
Austin, TX
January, 24 2013

P.S. Another Texas benefit: No Obamacare.


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