Tuesday, December 3, 2013

On Ken Paxton and CSCOPE/Common Core

A great response to the bogus Ken Paxton/CSCOPE narrative being pushed by team Smitherman:
My book, Texas Trounces the Left’s War on History, calls out Ken Paxton’s specific public support for SBOE conservatives and social studies curriculum. From page 98:Conservative House member Ken Paxton also contributed. Representative Paxton writes a weekly internet-based newsletter that gets wide distribution across the state. I had numerous positive conversations with Paxton’s staff member Ben Williams, who agreed to ask representative Paxton to respond. On January 7, Paxton published his newsletter titled “Principles of Freedom and Liberty should be Used to Evaluate Social Studies Curriculum”.
And from page 178:
State Representative Ken Paxton’s article “SBOE, Thanks for Social Studies Curriculum Update” (TexasInsider.org, May 27, 2010), includes the following quotes:
“The attacks on the State Board of Education ignored the transparent approach that the Board took toward developing curriculum standards for Texas school children, misstated many of the changes that the Board proposed, and sought to undermine the Board’s diligent work to execute its constitutional and statutory obligations.
“The Board (members) should be applauded for their conscientious efforts. Texas school children will be the long-term beneficiaries.”
   Read the whole thing here.


Update: Red Sonja has A LOT more here.

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