Tuesday, December 10, 2013

LET'S MAKE IT OFFICIAL: Steve Stockman for United States Senate

Half an hour before the deadline, Congressman Steve Stockman filed to run against John Cornyn; Cahnman's Musings unequivocally endorses him.

It's not a secret that we can't stand John Cornyn.  Cahnman's Musings has been actively attempting to recruit a big name candidate to challenge Cornyn.  Rafael Cruz was too old.  Katrina Pierson is running for U.S. House [Note: We've endorsed her].  Wayne Christian decided to run for Railroad Commissioner.  Pat Gray is staying with Glenn Beck.  Ron Paul isn't interested.  David Barton declined.

Then Steve Stockman stepped up; he's a heck of a lot better than Cornyn.

John Cornyn's record is terrible; some low lights:
We could go on, but you get the picture.  John Cornyn tells you what you want to hear to your face, then returns to D.C. and votes for business as usual.  At best, John Cornyn lacks the stones to successfully stare down Barack Obama.

Steve Stockman, by contrast, is an old Ron Paul hand.  He refused to vote for John Bohener's re-election as speaker.  He invited Ted Nugent to the State of the Union.  He has compared Obamacare, unfavorably, to Chlamydia:
The contrast between a fighter like Stockman and an (at best) coward like Cornyn speaks for itself.

Last night, on Facebook, Travis County activist Don Zimmerman said:
  • Don Zimmerman Sen. Cornyn has a simple explanation for his multitude of votes, amendments, and lack of action, that proves he panders to powerful special interests, instead of following the Constitution, the GOP platform, and constituents: "I'm a proven conservative". And if he repeats this lie thousands of times, how could you NOT believe him?
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This campaign will be an uphill battle.  Ted Cruz, unlike Stockman, began his campaign in early 2011 (and had an extra two months due to the redistricting lawsuits).  Cornyn will swamp Stockman in paid media.  That being said, we only need to hold Cornyn under 50% in the primary to force a runoff.  If Stockman can force a runoff, we like his odds.

John Cornyn needs to go.  His disastrous twelve years speak for themselves.  Steve Stockman might not be a perfect candidate, but he stepped up and put his name on the ballot.  He's also hilarious.  For these reasons, Cahnman's Musings unconditionally endorses Steve Stockman for United States Senate.


TXTrendyChick has more:
This isn’t rocket surgery, y’all.  Conservatives.   Republicans.  Free market.  Votes = currency.
 [Author's Note: We suspect Ashley mistyped and meant Rocket science.]


This piece from the Burnt Orange Report is priceless and epitomizes everything that will be awesome about the Stockman campaign and, should he win, Senate service:
Realistically, sane Texans shouldn't laugh about this. We shouldn't chuckle at the Republican Party getting their just desserts in a primary challenge to Human GOP Blast Fax John Cornyn in the form of Steve "Guns For Embryos!"Stockman. It's a symbol of how far astray the Tea Party loons are taking the Republican Party.
Cornyn has $7 million dollars in the bank, the ability to raise infinitely more if need be, and will have most of the GOP establishment happily backing him. Stockman is $163,000 in debt from his last campaign, has repeatedly failed to file required FEC disclosures, and lets his out-of-state campaign workers live in a dilapidated shack. This shouldn't be a contest. But it may well be, and that's oh-so-delicious at a time when Texas Democrats are doing all we can to show which party is actually capable of leading our state. 
Stockman's a genuine crazy person in a state known for "wacko birds." He thinks the Violence Against Women Act is bad because it "helps liberals."He compared Barack Obama to Saddam Hussein. He invited that racist rodeo clown to Texas and took Ted Nugent to the State of the Union address.

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  1. Cornyn REFUSED to follow the law, expose public/police corruption, prosecute the criminals and recover OUR money.

    At a face-to-face meeting with Cornyn’s Deputy Regional Director Huhn on 8/13/2010 the public/police corruption inside the City of San Antonio TX including grant fraud, theft of grant/public funds, FBI and HUD OIG refusal to investigate, publication of fraudulent statements, unconstitutional criminal trespass warnings instructions by city attorney Bernard to ignore reports of crimes including grant fraud, bond fraud, etc. were discussed. Cornyn’s office was provided with PROOF of the ongoing criminal conspiracy BUT looked away and allowed the criminal activity to continue. Cornyn is not much different than Democratic Senator Leticia Van De Putte who also refused to follow the law and expose the theft and misuse of millions of OUR dollars after she too was provided with PROOF of the crimes impacting public safety and all citizens/taxpayers.

    Candidates, the media and others are being provided with an audio recording of a July 21, 2010 meeting with Senator Leticia Van De Putte and information that is referenced in documents submitted to US District Judge Xavier Rodriguez , SA FBI SAC Armando Fernandez, HUD-OIG - Inspector General David A. Montoya, Asst. US Attorney Erica Giese - Chief of San Antonio, U S Attorney Robert Pittman, Texas DPS Director McCraw , Grant Thornton LLP auditor Scott King, City Auditor Kevin W. Barthold, SEC Attorney Farol Parco, HUD
    Regional Administrator TreviƱo and others where City of San Antonio TX Mayor Julian Castro ( Obama campaign co-chairman) , city attorney Michael Bernard ( brother of White House Social Secretary Jeremy Bernard), SAPD Chief William McManus and others are named for their efforts to conceal long-term public/police corruption with an illegal, unconstitutional criminal trespass warning banning participation in public meetings in violation of the Texas Open Meeting Act , the Constitution and other laws/regulations for almost four years.

    The audio recording reveals that former City of San Antonio TX Telecommunications Manager John E. Foddrill Sr., Senator Van De Putte and staff member Brent Turner reviewed a report detailing the theft of upwards of $200,000 by City of San Antonio TX IT Manager Jose Medina and vendor Isabel Gonzaba (IG Communications) via an illegal four-year mail/wire fraud scheme using Avaya Inc. to process the fraudulent invoices across state lines ( almost 300 separate cases of mail/wire fraud) ….theft that impacted public safety when 23.6 % of 911 calls failed and lives were put at risk. They reviewed a report detailing the fraud upon the court (February 2009 - 57th district court- Judge Arteaga) by City CIO Richard Varn, City IT Director Hugh Miller, attorney Mark Kosanovich (Fitzpatrick & Kosanovich), attorney Malinda Gaul, asst. City attorney Deborah Klein, Texas Ranger Hank Whitman and others to conceal the crimes. They reviewed an illegal, unconstitutional criminal trespass ban barring entry into City Hall and public meetings violating the Constitution and the Texas Open Meeting Act. They reviewed published documents revealing an ongoing cover-up by the DA where the Senator comments that Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed did indeed have jurisdiction when her office was publishing letters falsely stating that they could do nothing unless called upon to investigate by the FBI / Texas Rangers thus stalling any investigation into the crimes. They reviewed HUD-OIG case hl-10-0465 where City persons were allowed by HUD-OIG agent Victoria Marquez and her superiors to submit known fraudulent documents to conceal the criminal activity and where material witnesses were deliberately excluded from being interviewed.

    Despite reviewing reams of evidence revealing years of fraud/theft, the TOMA violations, the Constitutional violations and an ongoing criminal conspiracy to defraud our government / taxpayers the Senator looked away and helped hide the ongoing criminal conspiracy.


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