Friday, December 13, 2013

The Latest Incest Among Travis County Democrats

Perusing the Austin Chronicle's slobbering puff piece write up of the Rosemary Lehmberg debacle, we noticed this detail:
Lehmberg's defenders were Daniel Richards seconded by his brother Clark (both sons of former governor Ann and attorney David).  [Emphasis in original]
Isn't that lovely....


In other Rosemary Lehmberg news, Austin City Council candidate Jay Wiley has a fantastic piece on his website:
Lehmberg’s behavior after her arrest confirmed our worst suspicions about those who serve us in government.  Specifically, that there are indeed two sets of rules—one for the well-connected ruling class, and one for the rest of us.
Were any of us in Ms. Lehmberg’s shoes, we would not have had our case handled within 5 business days.  We would instead be subject to months if not years of litigation, crippling lawyers fees, and severe consequences in our professional lives.
A fundamental principle of our legal system is that the law be applied evenly to all.  That principle comes remarkably close to the textbook definition of “justice” itself.  To do otherwise is to send a harmful message to every young person that a well-placed phone call from daddy may get you out of a tough jam.  Those without special connections, of course, are left to wither under the full, unfiltered, weight of the criminal justice system on their own.
This is, and has always been about public trust.  As Ms. Lehmberg herself has said, she broke the trust with those she serves.
When Rosemary Lehmberg mercifully retires in a few years, news outlets will no doubt laud her lengthy legal career and highlight one or another bureaucratic accomplishment in the District Attorney’s office.  Likely overlooked will be the enduring negative impact of Ms. Lehmberg’s arrogant abuses of power on our collective body politic.
Exactly; the issue isn't her drinking, the issue is her clear willingness to abuse the power of her office for personal gain.

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